Why Loggly?

Loggly helps cloud-centric organizations—organizations that build and manage cloud-facing applications—to solve operational problems faster. Our solution analyzes log data from virtually any application, system, or platform to answer your burning questions:

  • We’ve just been advised of a problem. What broke?
  • We just pushed new code; Is everything OK?
  • Why does our application keep falling over?
  • How can we spot issues before our customers do?

Loggly Offers Responsive Log Management

Responsive Log Management describes both the benefits of our service and our overall approach to log management: To help you get your applications back into a healthy state faster and keep them there. Here’s what makes it different:

Search Less, Find More

Until now, finding operational problems has always started with guesswork: your hypothesis about the most likely trouble spots or even just a series of greps in the dark. Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer removes the guesswork by providing real-time, navigable summaries of your logs, so you can search smarter and solve problems faster. Learn more

Simple, Intuitive User Interface

Quickly find the source of the problem, gather insights, and spot anomalies in your logs with a robust yet intuitive set of tools at your fingertips. Whether you prefer to search directly, explore navigable summaries of your data, or take a more visual approach with our point-and-click graphs, Loggly is designed to give you insights faster. There’s no more spending hours reading documentation, attending training, or learning complex query languages before you can extract answers from your log data.

Agent-free Deployment

Loggly collects your log data using existing open standards like syslog and HTTP instead of forcing you to install proprietary collection agents on every machine.

Pay-as-you-grow Scalability

Loggly was built to be extraordinarily scalable to your needs. By deploying our service as a hybrid of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our own Equinix-based infrastructure, we can provide high availability and resiliency to network or infrastructure problems, wherever they occur. Our pricing model grows seamlessly with your business, so you save money and valuable resources whether you’re running a startup or a high-traffic, enterprise-class application.

See What Responsive Log Management Can Do For You

Solve operational problems faster

Use searches, filters and graphs to inspect individual events, spot trends and isolate root causes.

Intuitive – no training required

We’ve got so many new capabilities that we had to do things in a whole new way. Easier and faster than ever!

Grows with your business

Send Loggly as much data as your application generates. Loggly seamlessly grows as you do.

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