Why Loggly?

Loggly helps cloud-centric organizations—organizations that build and manage cloud-facing applications—to solve operational problems faster. Our solution analyzes log data from virtually any application, system or platform to answer your burning questions:

  • We just pushed new code; did anything break?
  • Why does our application keep falling over?
  • What’s the root of performance problems we’re seeing?
  • How can we spot issues before our customers do?

Loggly Introduces Responsive Log Management

Responsive Log Management describes both the benefits of our service and the overall worldview that we bring to our product development: to help you get your applications back into a healthy state faster, and keep them there.


We designed every page, button, and dialog in our application before we built the foundation. For us, the foundation needs to respond to our user vision—to solve operational problems faster—not the other way around.

“Our form follows your function, by design.”

Simple also describes how Loggly integrates with your environment. Instead of forcing you to install proprietary collection agents on every machine, we just work with existing standards like syslog and HTTP. And we make your life easier by automatically creating configuration files for whatever syslog you have.


Loggly was built to be extraordinarily scalable to your needs. By deploying our service as a hybrid of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our own infrastructure, we can respond to your needs with high availability and resiliency to network or infrastructure problems, wherever they occur.

“Scale at the speed of your business”

For log reception, we leverage the best of AWS in a simple, geographically redundant and horizontally scalable architecture. For our deep data analysis functions, we employ our own heavyweight application-optimized systems to ensure that everything you see in our application can scale as your data grows.


One of our advisors offered an interesting observation. He said, "We log 15 billion events every day. It’s simply impossible for us to worry about individual events. What we want is for you to tell us what’s going on." That’s what we aim to do: to respond with your logs’ stories.

“Smart queries to deliver precise insight”

Instead of asking you to type in complex text commands that assume you know what you’re looking for, Loggly lets you explore your logs using simple but precise queries and point-and-click graphs.

See What Responsive Log Management Can Do For You

Solve operational problems faster

Use searches, filters and graphs to inspect individual events, spot trends and isolate root causes.

Intuitive – no training required

We’ve got so many new capabilities that we had to do things in a whole new way. Easier and faster than ever!

Grows with your business

Send Loggly as much data as your application generates. Loggly seamlessly grows as you do.

Responsive Log Management by the Numbers

750 Billion +

Events logged

21 Thousand +

Accounts activated

250 Terabytes +

Log files processed