Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer

Search Less, Find More

Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer is a new, real-time log management user experience that fundamentally changes how developers and DevOps teams perform operational troubleshooting. It’s unique to Loggly, and it gives you a huge productivity boost at the times when you need it most.

The Majority of Troubleshooting Time Goes to Finding Issues Through Trial and Error, Not to Fixing Them

In a recent survey of 214 DevOps professionals, the majority of respondents reported that more than 70% of the time spent solving operational issues is spent finding their root cause. That’s because most log management tools require you to start troubleshooting with a blind leap.   You must make assumptions about what the problem is and where to find it. Your first step is to build queries to search your data; only then do you gain any insight.

Let Your Data Guide You

Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer fundamentally changes how companies perform operational troubleshooting by offering a new way to approach log data. While search is ideal when you have a good idea of what you are looking for, Dynamic Field Explorer allows you to quickly hone in on what’s relevant even when you don’t know where to start looking.

Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer, based on proprietary Loggly Dynamic Fields technology, organizes logs by their inherent structure and includes a complete, continuously refreshed catalog of all of your fields along with automatically calculated metrics such as how common each event type is within your log data. Dynamic Field Explorer enables you to search smarter, spot anomalies instantly, and zero in on what’s important.

Think about shopping for a pair of shoes. The best online shopping experiences allow you to narrow down the possibilities by navigating through the store (shoes -> Men’s -> dress -> black) with full knowledge of how many options you have at each level. Even if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for at first, the guided search gets you there faster. Loggly Field Explorer uniquely brings this same paradigm to the massive quantities of log data generated by your applications, platforms, systems, and devices and instantly couples it with powerful search.

Real-time, Navigable Summaries of your Logs – Generated Automatically

Dynamic Field Explorer is based on a key architectural advantage of Loggly: That log data is automatically parsed as it is received. The time-consuming work of cataloging your log data is done long before users need it, allowing for the delivery of instant results when requested. As a result, your troubleshooting never begins with a blank search page. Instead, you start with a dynamically generated, navigable summary of your logs and insight into the most and least common events, with:

  • Summaries of identified fields and their inherent structure so you don’t have to hunt for names or spellings
  • Counts of the number of times that a given value appears in each field, so you can see the most common events and spot anomalies in every field in your log data
  • Quick and precise filtering to remove the noise

Fresh Data with Every Click

Not only does Dynamic Field Explorer help jump start your search, but also it serves as a very powerful and time-saving tool as you continue to iterate on your search context. With each and every update to your searches (i.e new query, new time, or new filter), the auto-generated summaries and statistics are instantly updated. You no longer have to manually comb through your logs to get aggregate insights into what it is telling you.

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