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Building a ChatOps Bot with Slack and Loggly (Part 1)

  What is ChatOps? If you don’t know about ChatOps already, the term ChatOps was coined somewhere between 2010 and 2013 by the team at Github when they were creating HUBOT. If you haven’t heard of ChatOps, don’t worry, there is plenty of information out there on the topic. ChatOps uses a Chatbot, which you […]

What Does the Docker Daemon Log Contain?

There’s a wealth of material on logging in Docker, but most of it is centered around containers and applications. While logging containers is important, it misses out on a key component of the Docker architecture: the Docker daemon. The Docker daemon provides crucial insight into the overall state of your microservice architecture. Container-centric logging methods […]

8 Tools for Every Java Developer’s Toolkit

Java developers have an enormous selection of libraries, utilities, and programs at their disposal. Each one has its merits, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd due to their popularity, versatility, and usefulness. These eight tools cover the full gamut of Java development, from code building to bug squashing. Learning these […]

Why Should I Archive My Logs?

A good log management solution provides a glimpse into the state of a system over a period of time. It can help you identify performance trends, audit security events, and pinpoint periods of high demand. Archiving logs can drive cost savings while allowing you to extend the time frame in which you can use your […]

Node.js Error Handling Explained

Introduction Errors—every programming language has them under one name or another, and the Node.js environment is no different. Node.js includes only a handful of predefined errors (like RangeError, SyntaxError, and others), all of which inherit from Error. The official documentation is a recommended read. Note that the documentation refers to exceptions as well, but don’t […]

Analytics in Game Development: Data-Driven What?

Back in the old days, at the beginning of the current decade, I would have started this article with, “Analytics: You’re doing it wrong!” These days, not so much. I still get a few approving nods, the ones with the lower lip slightly flexed and tense eyebrows denoting sincere approval with a hint of surprise, […]

8 Time-Saving Tools for Easier C# Development

Save Time with These C# Tools Ask any developer what makes her coding life easier, and she will list several tools in her toolkit that help her perform a certain task. Whether it’s an IDE, a plugin, or even just a dependency library, these tools can shave off hours of development time. Most tools reduce […]

How to Use Dashboards and Alerts for Data Monitoring

Data monitoring is a crucial component of any deployment. Being able to track and respond to changes in your infrastructure can help reduce downtime, increase performance, and improve the overall efficiency of your platform. In this post, we’ll explore two data aggregation methods that can vastly improve your logging experience: dashboards and alerting. We’ll explain […]

How to Write Effective Logs for Remote Logging

In my last blog post, I listed many of the reasons that you should be using log management. In this post I will explain methods to log effectively. Logging effectively is not a precursor to using remote logging. Having logs is always better than not having logs. However, building log outputs with careful consideration will […]