How Loggly Works

How Loggly Works

Loggly is a cloud-based service that receives and aggregates the logs from all your systems and components. Your logs are sent to Loggly via the Internet, using standard technologies that are part of most systems.

Loggly parses your data at ingestion time and provides your teams with a cohesive, structured view and valuable insights. Its versatile data analysis and visualization capabilities, combined with sophisticated search functions, give you a real-time understanding of what’s going on across your systems.

Loggly reveals what matters to you and gives you the tools to surface the important data points. It can automatically detect and alert you about specific log events, statistical aggregations, and anomalies.


Why Loggly?

While traditional log management tools start with search, Loggly provides a much more effective first step: It automatically summarizes all your log data to give you a bird’s-eye view and lets you navigate directly to areas of interest. With Loggly, your logs give you a shortcut to insights about brewing issues and guide your searches for answers.

As a result, you can:

  • Find root causes faster
  • Spot anomalies earlier
  • Stay on top of the health of your applications
  • Gain valuable insights hidden in your data


Learn More about Log Management

This page gives you a quick overview of logging and log management. The following resources expand on the concepts discussed.