Why is logging Javascript applications challenging?

Multiple systems and frameworks can increase the complexity

Managing a massive volume of logs from different frameworks is challenging and time-consuming. Traditional Javascript logging setups may not be capable of handling it properly.

Most tools lack advanced features for troubleshooting

Most Javascript loggers offer limited features for search, tail, and log analysis. This extends the time needed to be dedicated to the task and enhances engineers’ effort in troubleshooting.

Traditional tools offer limited support for visual analysis

Developers have to integrate multiple open-source tools with their Javascript logging service for visualization, which can pose configuration challenges.

Aggregate all your Javascript logs for a better analysis

In distributed setups with multiple Javascript frameworks and applications, the log management becomes challenging. SolarWinds® Loggly® solves this problem by offering a cloud-based logging setup. In addition to Javascript, you can forward all types of logs to Loggly for a unified analysis.

This centralization of log data not only solves the storage challenges, but also allows you to troubleshoot issues at an increased pace. Loggly has a simple setup and an agentless architecture which makes sending logs to Loggly easier. You can use a simple script loggly-jslogger for this purpose, or apply other methods as described here

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Use powerful search and analysis features

Unlike other Javascript loggers, Loggly provides you with advanced features for faster and better troubleshooting. It automatically parses every Javscript log and provides a structured summary of logs using a Dynamic Field Explorer. With this feature, you don’t have to start your log search from a blank console.

Instead, you can click and browse through your logs to extract useful information. The tool can significantly reduce the time spent on troubleshooting. Additionally, you can also view your logs in real time with the live tail feature. Loggly also offers near-instant results to all your log searches, which is a huge advantage as most tools might slow down when the log volume increases.

Get integrated charts, alerts, and more

Loggly is built to improve interactivity and collaboration. You can use integrated charts to visualize your search results. The charts can be grouped together and resized using the drag and drop feature to create unified dashboards.

You can share the visualized data with your team members, and project the dashboard over a larger screen for a command-center view. Loggly also integrates with notification services like Hipchat and Slack for alerting. Its integration with JIRA and GitHub improves collaboration between team members and helps them resolve issues faster.

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