Simplify Log Management

With a simple setup process and easy-to-use tools, Loggly takes the hassle out of log management. Our cloud-based solution makes instant sense of tons of log data coming from applications, platforms, and systems.

Agentless log collection

Loggly uses existing software rather than proprietary agents that need to be installed and upgraded. Loggly supports standard syslog protocols (including RFC 5424 and RFC 3164) as well as HTTP.

Centralized logging

No need to log in to individual servers or give developers access to all production machines. All logs are consolidated and made accessible through our centralized interface.

Any kind of logs

Any text-based logs from any source whether server or client. Ruby, Java, Python, C/C++, Javascript, PHP, Apache server, Tomcat, MySQL, syslog-ng, rsyslog, nxlog, Snare, routers, switches, etc. If it can log, it can log to Loggly.


Powerful search capabilities

Full-text searches, searches by individual fields, ranges and booleans.

Unlimited saved searches, unlimited users

There are no limits on the number of searches you can do for events, analyses, graphs, etc. Any search context can be saved for future use. Add as many users as you like.

Automated filters

Point-and-click filtering based on values of parsed fields.

Automated event parsing

Loggly automatically extracts individual fields from your data. Standardized log formats such as syslog, Apache, Java, and nginx are supported as well as JSON structured data.

Point-and-click trending graphs

Create line, bar, column or pie chart based on counts, sums, averages, standard deviations by choosing parameters from drop-down menus.

Custom source groups

Dynamically organize your logs into unique or overlapping collections of interest. Create as many source groups as you like based on host, application, or custom tag and then use them to limit search or analysis to a given event collection.


Built-in alerting

Receive email alerts or escalate through your existing notification services like PagerDuty based on custom searches and conditions you create.

Customized dashboards

Turn any search or trending graph into a customized dashboard — as many as you like. Drag and drop dashboard widgets to organize data as you see fit.


Flexible event presentation

Display events in wrapped, truncated, or field-by-field format.

Grid view

View events in a spreadsheet-like format, allowing you to include just the fields of interest and then sort on individual field columns.

Infinite scroll

Pagination is a pain. With Loggly, you just scroll with your browser & events fill in as you browse.

Persistent workspaces

All of your work pages are automatically saved. If you restart, log in from another device, or return to your project at another time, all of your work pages will be in the same state as they were when you last left them.

Multiple work pages

Multi-taskers can manage multiple projects at one time.

Peak overage protection

Loggly will index occasional log spikes even when they take your total daily volume over your subscription level. (Available with Pro service tier only.)


API Access (Full System)

Loggly offers a RESTful API so that you can integrate key functions of the Loggly service into your own applications.

Archival to Amazon S3

Loggly will automatically write log events to your S3 bucket. (Available with Production service tier only)

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Centralized access to all of your logs

Make all of your logs accessible to everyone in one place. No more logging into individual machines.

Solve operational problems faster

Use searches, filters and graphs to spot trends and narrow down potential root causes.

All cloud

Set up in minutes. No software or agents to install. Works with all standard logging facilities.