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May the Fourth Be With Your Logs

I once heard a wise man say, “Cut through logs a DevOps Jedi must!”, and the rest was history. Now everyone wants to help to reveal what matters in their log files. Take C-3PO just the other day: Don’t forget to strike your best #JediHoover pose to celebrate Star Wars Day today!  You could be […]

#LogglyGivesaDam! Do you?

Today is a glorious day! It’s International Beaver Day, friends. To celebrate the amazingness of our fellow brethren, we’re commemorating the day with a call to action — #LogglyGivesaDam. What we’re asking you, our dear Loggly friends, is to join us in a social fundraiser to benefit Loggly’s local beaver nonprofit, Worth A Dam. With […]

Monitoring Loggly with Loggly: Nagios Integration

Log collection, processing, parsing, and indexing are the core of Loggly’s log management business. The steps in this pipeline allow us to present huge piles of logs to our users in a fast, concise, simple manner so they can find solutions to their problems faster. (If you want to learn more about how our pipeline […]

Lessons on Efficient Log Analysis from Monex Insight

Yesterday’s webinar with Jonathan Keith of Monex provided me with a useful perspective about the role that log analysis plays in running a production application and about the value of Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™ in removing grunt work and saving time. Jonathan’s application, Monex Insight, serves about 1.5 million consumer investors in Japan. It’s a .NET […]

Holiday Fun: Debugging a Home Network with Loggly

After a recent rainstorm with accompanying 40+mph wind gusts, I was having intermittent Internet connectivity problems.  There were days went connectivity would drop for 20-30 seconds dozens of times.  Then there would be stretches of perfectly solid connectivity.  After turning off some extra devices and access points to simplify the LAN, there was some improvement, […]