Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™

Loggly automatically generates a real­-time, bird’s-­eye view of your logs organized by their inherent structure or by customized views.

You can easily navigate this view like a menu, see log categories, fields, and values, and dig into the details from any point in your logs.

Customizable dashboards

Use customizable dashboards to track important metrics and KPIs. Dashboards contain searches or any graphs you generate from your data, tapping into aggregated statistical measures. Capture event counts, averages, percentiles, and more.

Share valuable dashboards with other team members with just a few clicks.

Loggly is very fast. I wouldn’t be so addicted to Loggly if it wasn’t so fast.

Pedro Gomes Director of Apps Club Business Unit, Bemobi

Gamut Search™

Find answers from big data volumes and long time periods. You can search through your data in a highly interactive fashion with near instant response.

Loggly doesn’t use a proprietary query language to offer you full-­text searches, searches by individual fields, booleans, range searches, regular expressions, and more.

Surround search

Analyze the events immediately before or after an event of interest with a single click. Understand the context of logs streaming in from your full stack.

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