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The Pragmatic Logging Handbook

Proven Best Practices for Instrumenting Your Applications for Maximum Insight

The real world will always throw you curve balls, no matter how hard you try. The list is endless, and no one I’ve ever worked with, or heard about, has been smart enough to predict every possible failure mode and have tests for them.

Jon Gifford, Chief Search Officer, Loggly

Staying ahead of potential problems means being able to understand why something is happening when your code fails. Instrumentation gives you the ability to:

  • Monitor or measure the level of an application’s performance
  • Diagnose errors
  • Gain information about the execution of the application at run time

How much to log is an age-old question for developers, but the real question is how to log. In this eBook, we’ll share proven best practices for logging the right events in the right format for the right consumer.

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