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Infrastructure Monitoring Powered by SolarWinds AppOptics

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Application Performance Monitoring Powered by SolarWinds AppOptics

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APM Software

Slow applications hamper productivity, impact end-user experience, and can damage your brand reputation. It’s crucial to monitor applications regularly to maintain a continuous and smooth flow of operations. SolarWinds® AppOptics™ and SolarWinds Loggly® offer excellent error tracking, reporting, and alerting features to help provide flawless user experience and uninterrupted services via close monitoring of business-critical applications.

Integrated APM experience

Integrated Experience for APM

Application performance issues often occur due to server slowdowns, lack of load balancing,  bandwidth, and application code issues. Integrated application performance monitoring (APM) ensures applications run smoothly and provide significant value to a business. To deliver an integrated APM experience, collect metrics, logs, and traces together to identify and troubleshoot application and infrastructure issues faster. View all the data in a single interface to ensure complete observability.

AppOptics provides visibility into cloud and on-premises custom applications and infrastructure, including servers, virtual machines, and containers, with over 150+ integrations. It performs live code profiling, distributed tracing, and exception tracking to accelerate root-cause analysis, so you can quickly fix the issue causing the application to be non-performant.

AppOptics: A Powerful, Code-Level Application and Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

AppOptics provides valuable insights into physical and virtual hosts and applications. It helps monitor and analyze business-critical applications all the way down to the poor-performing code. Loggly also allows you to drill-down into the logs in context of a transaction request to find the root cause of IT resource performance issues.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring: AppOptics uses host and container maps to visualize the entire infrastructure on one screen. The tool also provides monitoring for dozens of AWS and Microsoft Azure services along with other cloud platforms. Set real-time proactive alerts to notify relevant teams about the performance issues of critical resources such as storage, CPU utilization, and disk space.
  • Application Performance Monitoring: AppOptics provides trace-level and service-level root cause summaries of distributed applications. It pinpoints the areas of highest latency and evaluates complex performance metrics easily. It also allows you to dig even deeper with detailed distributed waterfall traces, application exception tracking, and live code profiling, all enabling you to better diagnose under-performing application transactions.
APM Traces

AppOptics and Loggly: A Smarter and Faster Monitoring Suite

Together, AppOptics and Loggly can be used as a powerful server-side monitoring suite. Loggly provides an incredible amount of data and a high-level of statistics, including HTTP errors, while AppOptics collects metrics and traces that give useful information about the health of critical systems. Data collected through metrics, traces, and logs provide in-depth information about resources and apps. Bringing all the information together enhances observability across the stack.

AppOptics and Loggly: Better Together

Ops managers, SREs, application owners, and developers use the combined capabilities of AppOptics (metrics and traces) and Loggly (log events) to enhance the performance of the entire IT infrastructure. Together, these tools help you understand what the issue is and why it occurred, reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR), improving end-user experience, and providing uninterrupted services. Additionally, SolarWinds provides a common Snap Agent to ease the collection of logs, metrics, and traces through auto-detection and log filtering features.

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