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What are the challenges with log management and analytics?

Managing logs in a complex distributed environment

IT teams may struggle while managing multiple systems, servers, applications, and cloud. Keeping track of numerous logs and creating a reliable and scalable setup for the management of logs is a challenge.

Analyzing massive log volumes for troubleshooting

While logs hold crucial insights, variations in their format can make analysis difficult. Teams can struggle to ingest, parse, search, and filter these logs for seamless monitoring and analysis.

Configuring and shuffling between multiple tools

As teams lack dedicated tools for unified log analysis and monitoring, they rely on multiple open-source tools. Making these applications work alongside each other isn’t easy, as they pose configuration challenges.

Implement centralized logging with Loggly

SolarWinds® Loggly® offers cloud-based log aggregation and analytics service that can support all types of text-based logs from your distributed system. It offers higher log retention at a fraction of the cost you will otherwise incur in setting up a similar self-hosted centralized logging system.

With all your logs in one place, you can easily monitor and analyze them for faster and efficient troubleshooting. Loggly doesn’t require an elaborate setup and you can get started within a few simple steps. You can send your logs to Loggly using syslog, which is the most common method for the purpose.

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Make log monitoring and analysis seamless

Loggly is built for speed and interactivity, which makes troubleshooting effortless. You can search large volumes of logs and get near-instant results for your queries. Unlike traditional centralized logging solutions, Loggly offers automated parsing for a wide variety of logs.

You can also define custom parsing rules for your specific needs. Loggly allows you to browse through all your parsed logs using its highly intuitive dynamic field explorer. It presents a structured summary of your logs under various fields, saving you from multiple trial and error searches.

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Leverage multiple integrations for collaboration

Loggly helps you collaborate with your team seamlessly using multiple integrated tools and features. You can create charts and sharable dashboards to get a quick overview of your environment. There are several pre-configured dashboards that can help in monitoring key stats and events across your distributed data. With these visualization features, you can easily identify important trends and anomalies.

Loggly also integrates with GitHub and Jira to support troubleshooting within your operational workflows. You can also configure alerts using common notification services like Slack, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, and more. All these features help your team stay on top of their everyday tasks. .

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