Why is JVM GC log analysis so challenging?

Management of large volumes of logs

Organizations prefer centralized log management to correlate different infrastructure and application logs. However, in modern distributed environments, logs can spiral out of control.

Time-consuming search and analysis

Traditional GC log analysis tools can get slow when sifting through a large volume of log data. The delayed performance makes it difficult to find the root cause of issues for troubleshooting.

Lack of integrated visualization tools

Limited visualization capabilities can impede detection of memory leaks, premature object promotions, long GC pauses, and other anomalies, and increase the time to resolve issues.

Simplify GC log management with Loggly

SolarWinds® Loggly® offers an easy approach for centralizing all your logs for full GC log analysis. As a cloud-based log management and analytics service, Loggly is simple to install and manage. Unlike other GC log analyzers, Loggly has an agentless architecture that helps you get started quickly.

The service makes it simple to collect and analyze logs from different Java frameworks and applications. You can send GC logs to Loggly using rsyslog. With all your logs in one place, you can easily correlate the log data to resolve memory leaks and GC problems. Loggly automatically archives your older logs on AWS S3 buckets for compliance purposes.

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Get advanced features for faster troubleshooting

Loggly expedites troubleshooting with its highly interactive search and analysis features. It can browse through a large volume of logs from your distributed stack and help you get to the root cause of problems quickly. It supports full Lucene query syntax and automatically recognizes GC logs.

You can search all your GC logs by entering “javagc” in the search box. You can also perform searches using particular fields. The Loggly engine provides near-instant results to all your search queries. You can also monitor logs in real time using the live tail feature. Further, the Loggly dynamic field explorer allows you to click and browse through the logs without using multiple commands.

Troubleshoot with integrated charts and dashboards

Loggly offers a preconfigured dashboard which can help you visualize GC activity. The dashboard includes charts that provide you with a quick overview of Full vs Minor GC activity, Full and Minor GC times, and heap details. You can customize this dashboard and drag and resize the charts as needed.

Loggly also allows you to share dashboards with your team members with different access restrictions. With these dashboards, you and your team can stay on top of your environment and detect any anomalies faster. You can also download the dashboard and include it in your reports in the PNG format.

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