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What are the common challenges with JavaScript logging?

Log management in a distributed environment

In distributed environments, teams can struggle to manage and monitor logs from different applications and frameworks. Most JavaScript error logging services offer limited help in handling this complexity.

Increased time and effort in search and analysis

Traditional tools for JavaScript logging are not equipped to handle modern workloads and can get slow when one has to search through older log files. This makes finding the root cause of issues difficult.

Lengthy configuration for integrating multiple tools

Teams have to integrate multiple open-source tools for log aggregation, search, visualization, and alerts. Configuring and ensuring all these tools work in tandem is a challenging task.

Aggregate all your JavaScript logs with Loggly

Unlike other standalone JavaScript error logging services, SolarWinds® Loggly® offers a better approach to log management and analytics. It is a cloud-based service that helps you manage all types of structured and unstructured logs with minimal configuration and supervision.

With centralized logging, you can correlate application and infrastructure logs to get to the root cause of issues faster. Moreover, the Loggly agentless architecture expedites the initial setup. You can send JavaScript logs to Loggly using simple scripts. With centralized logging in Loggly, you can better manage your logs as per your organization’s retention policies.

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Get faster results for your search queries

Loggly expedites troubleshooting with its search and analytics features. It can automatically parse a wide range of log types into various fields to streamline log analysis and visualization. This helps ensure you get near-instant results for all your search queries.

Further, Loggly makes it easier for you to extract information from your parsed logs with its dynamic field explorer feature. It allows you to click and browse through your fields of interest without typing multiple search queries. You can also trace JavaScript errors across a distributed stack in real time using the live tail feature.

Leverage advanced charts, dashboards and more

Loggly makes it simple for you to carry out your troubleshooting without wasting time and effort in configuring and shuffling between multiple open-source tools. You can use various types of line and bar charts to visualize your search results. This makes it easier for you to spot JavaScript errors and find other recurring patterns.

You can group multiple charts to create a unified dashboard for a quick overview of your environment. Loggly also offers integration with common notification services like HipChat, Slack, and PagerDuty for alerts. Further, you can integrate Loggly with GitHub and Jira to enhance your troubleshooting experience and make Loggly a part of your operational workflows.

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