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What are the challenges with log monitoring?

Monitoring distributed environments

Teams monitor logs from several endpoints, applications, servers, and cloud-based resources. It is not easy to deal with logging verbosity, different log types, and help ensure that logs are reliably stored.

Analyzing massive log volumes

As log volumes grow, traditional log monitoring tools tend to get slow and can make it difficult for teams to find answers for their search queries. This can lead to an increase in MTTR.

Shuffling between multiple tools

As teams lack end-to-end log monitoring software, they configure several open-source tools for log search, analysis, and visualization. These configurations can get increasingly complex with scale.

Simplify log monitoring with a cloud-based service

SolarWinds® Loggly® offers cloud-based log analysis and aggregation for a wide range of structured and unstructured logs. Loggly is built for simplicity and scale and requires minimal configuration to get started. You can send various types of text-based logs to Loggly using syslog (TCP, UDP, TLS) or HTTP/S.

You can also refer to simple scripts for transmitting logs in Loggly documentation. With all your logs in one place, you can easily correlate different infrastructure and application events and cross the dots across your distributed environment.

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Get assistance in search and root cause analysis

Loggly provides several advanced features for troubleshooting and diagnostics with logs. You can search through a large volume of logs and get near-instant results to resolve issues faster. Loggly also offers automated parsing for a wide range of logs.

The incoming logs are parsed and automatically updated in the dynamic field explorer, which helps in extracting useful information and reducing noise. You can use the surround search feature to view all occurrences before and after a critical event in a single click. Moreover, for tracking logs in real time, Loggly offers the live tail feature.

Visualize your logs for quicker analysis

There is no need to configure multiple tools for monitoring logs, as Loggly offers advanced visualization and multiple integrations for easy collaboration. You can use preconfigured dashboards to monitor key metrics from Java, PHP, Python, Windows, Linux, Docker, Heroku, Amazon CloudTrail, and several other technologies.

You can also customize and share these dashboards with your teams. Loggly easily integrates with all popular notification services for alerts. You can also link Loggly with GitHub and Jira to streamline troubleshooting. With these integrations, Loggly can significantly expedite your operational routines.

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