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What are the challenges with log analysis?

Log management is complex and error-prone

Modern distributed environments consist of numerous endpoints, servers, applications, and cloud-based resources. Collecting and managing logs from all these sources is a big challenge.

Inability to analyze large log volumes efficiently

Teams relying on traditional practices for log monitoring find it difficult to troubleshoot issues in modern environments as they lack tools that can expedite their search and analysis.

Lack of tools offering integrated visualization

Most teams lack access to modern tools for visualization of logs and have to rely on open-source solutions for this purpose. Such tools can pose configuration and operational challenges.

Simplify log management with cloud-based logging

SolarWinds® Loggly® is a cloud-based log aggregation and analytics service that will help you monitor all kinds of structured and unstructured logs in your distributed environment from a single window. Sending logs to Loggly is simple and you do not have to install an agent for the purpose. You can forward your logs to Loggly using syslog, which is a preferred method in most use cases. You may use simple scripts for log aggregation from the Loggly documentation.

As a SaaS-based cloud logging service, Loggly allows you to meet all your scalability needs at the lowest possible TCO. You can easily automatically archive older logs on AWS S3 buckets along with your retention policies.

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Get help in proactive monitoring and troubleshooting

Loggly offers powerful and interactive features for monitoring and analysis of logs. With its cloud log analysis, you can sift through a large volume of logs and find quick results for your search queries. It can automatically parse a wide range of logs into numerous fields. This helps you filter useful information and perform different logical or mathematical operations with fields/values for log analysis.

The Loggly dynamic field explorer can significantly improve your troubleshooting experience. It structures the information from your parsed logs under various fields, providing you with an opportunity to click and browse through the logs. All these and many other features help you analyze your logs with increased agility and simplicity.

Command Center Dashboard

Leverage advanced charts and pre-configured dashboards

Loggly provides different types of charts for visualizing your search results. You can club them to create a dashboard for monitoring your environment. Loggly also offers several pre-configured dashboards covering technologies such as Java, Heroku, PHP, Windows, Linux, Docker, NGINX, and more.

With these dashboards, you can monitor key performance and usage metrics, identify any anomalies or recurring patterns, and take remedial actions to resolve critical issues. You can also share your dashboard with your team to collaborate and troubleshoot issues related to your application code, infrastructure, or database.

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