Why is log management so challenging?

In-house logging systems may lack reliability

Developing an end-to-end log management solution that can handle unpredictable log volumes requires a scalable and redundant SaaS logging service. On-premises solutions often lack these capabilities.

Logging in distributed setups is highly complex

Businesses today operate in highly distributed ecosystems that are spread across numerous apps, infrastructure, clouds, and devices. Management of logs from all these sources is not simple.

Log management can be resource intensive

To develop, configure, and maintain an in-house log management solution, an organization has to allocate critical engineering resources, which can prove to be a significant cost over time.

Get high reliability and scalability with LaaS

LaaS is a proven approach to managing and monitoring high-volume log data in modern dynamic environments. The SolarWinds® Loggly® cloud-based log management solution is designed to handle unpredictable spikes in log volume. Loggly gives you the ability to unify all your textual log data and monitor it from a single dashboard.

Moreover, you can rest assured that none of the critical log data is lost even when it has gone past your log retention period. To this end, Loggly gives you the option to archive logs on Amazon S3 buckets, as cloud-based archiving is a convenient way to archive historical logs for compliance and other purposes.

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Simplify log management with a cloud-based solution

Whether your organization depends on systems running in your own data center or a hybrid environment, whether these systems have Linux, Windows, Mac, or are serverless—Loggly is designed to support all of it. Loggly helps you collect text log data coming from all possible sources in a quick and efficient manner. It uses open standards for the transfer of log data, which means you don’t have to install any proprietary agents for this purpose.

Furthermore, being a SaaS logging service, Loggly doesn’t involve elaborate setup processes; you can configure the entire logging system with a few clicks.

Get higher efficiency with Logging as a Service

Loggly is simple to set up and manage, which means you don’t have to lock up critical engineering resources at the expense of your core products or services. This brings a significant reduction in opportunity costs. Furthermore, the service offers easy scalability, flexibility, and higher availability at a much lower TCO when compared with similar in-house systems.

Loggly also helps you stay compliant with security best practices by transmitting data to the cloud over Transport Layer Security (TLS), restricting access with role-based access controls, and much more. This is a crucial requirement for enterprises keen on reducing exposure to online threats, as data breaches can prove to be very costly.

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