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What are the challenges with Linux monitoring?

Log volumes can spiral out of control

Linux server log monitoring can get challenging in a large distributed setup, as teams have to manage logs from multiple servers reliably. Handling frequent spikes in log volumes is not simple.

Logging in a distributed setup is complex

While it is possible to monitor Linux log file on a single server using traditional methods, analyzing logs from multiple servers is not easy and teams often lack advanced tools for the purpose.

Multiple tools pose configuration challenges

Teams have to use multiple open-source tools for collecting, parsing, and visualizing their logs. It is not easy to configure and work with all these tools.

Manage your Linux logs with Loggly

SolarWinds® Loggly® offers a cloud-based log analytics and aggregation platform that can help in real-time Linux log monitoring. As Loggly accepts all kinds of structured and unstructured logs, you can use this platform to centrally manage all your infrastructure and application logs for unified monitoring and faster analysis.

Setting up Loggly doesn’t take a lot of time and effort, as it has an agentless architecture. You can send your Linux logs to Loggly using the syslog daemon. Short scripts can help you collect logs from different sources. Further, Loggly allows you to automatically archive your older logs on AWS S3 buckets for compliance purposes

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Get faster search across a large volume of logs

Loggly offers near-instant results to your search queries, even when you are analyzing a large volume of logs. It also enables real-time Linux log monitoring with its live tail feature. Loggly can automatically parse incoming logs. You can monitor them in the dynamic field explorer and use several filters to handle log verbosity and hone in on specific information.

Loggly also makes it possible to view all related events around a critical event with its surround search feature. With all these and many other features, Loggly significantly reduces your time to resolve issues and makes troubleshooting seamless.

Simplify log monitoring with visualization

Loggly helps you save time and effort in configuring multiple tools for log visualization. You can use a pre-configured dashboard for Linux monitoring, which includes charts that pull key performance and usage-related metrics from your logs. All these charts can be synced to a common time frame with a single click. You can also customize the dashboard to suit your specific monitoring requirements.

Loggly also allows you to compare charts over a period with its timeshift feature. With easy visualization, you can spot important trends and detect troublesome patterns in real time. You can share the dashboard with your team and work together to resolve issues faster.

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