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What are the challenges with server log monitoring?

Monitoring distributed environments

In large organizations, teams monitor logs from several on-premises and cloud-based servers. It is not easy to store and monitor all these logs on a continuous basis.

Searching and analyzing massive log volumes

While administrators can SSH to multiple servers at once, it is not easy to analyze disparate logs from different types of servers. Traditional server log monitoring software can also get slow with increased workloads.

Configuring complex tools for monitoring

Due to a lack of comprehensive server log monitoring capabilities, teams use multiple open-source tools for log analysis and visualization. These tools have complex configuration and limitations.

Aggregate all your logs for seamless monitoring

SolarWinds® Loggly® allows you to centrally manage, monitor, and analyze all your server, infrastructure, and application logs seamlessly. The centralized monitoring helps you easily correlate different critical events across your distributed infrastructure and resolve issues faster.

As a cloud-based service, Loggly simplifies the initial setup and helps you get started in a short time. Its agentless architecture makes log aggregation even more convenient. You can send Apache, Linux, Windows, IIS, NGINX, and any other text-based server logs to Loggly in a few simple steps. You may refer to relevant scripts and configuration related to the aggregation and management of your server logs in the Loggly documentation.

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Expedite search and root cause analysis

Loggly helps you search through massive log volumes and provides quicker results for your search queries. It can automatically parse your logs and allows you to define custom parsing rules to easily extract useful information from logs.

The incoming parsed logs are available for inspection under various fields and can be viewed using the dynamic field explorer. It offers a highly intuitive interface, allowing you to click and browse through fields without any need to key in multiple commands. You can also view all occurrences around a critical event with a single click using the surround search feature.

Get pre-configured dashboards for your servers

Loggly helps you monitor your environment with minimal effort using advanced visualization tools. It offers pre-configured dashboards for monitoring Apache, Linux, IIS, and NGINX server logs. These dashboards include several types of charts that offer a quick overview of the key performance and usage statistics related to your servers.

You can customize and share these dashboards with your team. Alternatively, you can download a dashboard in the PNG format and share it over email, Slack, or any other messaging service. With all these integrated features, Loggly can significantly improve your troubleshooting experience and add agility to your operations.

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