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What makes the management of big data logs so challenging?

Teams end up logging less than they require

Big data analysis techniques unify vast data types and volumes to draw useful insights. However, teams often lack resources to log everything and are unable to harness the true potential of their data.

Several teams need logs, but there’s no simple platform

In addition to developers, support, operations teams, and product managers can also get useful insights from logs. However, not everyone can make use of logs as big data analysis tools are too complex.

Log analysis and reporting can be complicated

Teams often have to use several open-source tools that require complex integration for big data analysis. There is no simple way to visualize logs for analysis and reporting.

Aggregate all your logs with Loggly

SolarWinds® Loggly® is a cloud-based log aggregation service that can help you centrally manage all your logs over a single web dashboard. As a cloud-based service, it allows you to benefit from the economies of scale, as you can log more without investing time and resources in infrastructure management.

With Loggly, you can get higher data volumes and retention rates at better TCO over a self-managed setup. Also, unlike other tools, managing Loggly is simple and doesn’t require complex configuration. Its agentless architecture allows you to send logs to Loggly over either syslog (TCP, UDP, TLS) or HTTP/S. Loggly also supports logs from a range of sources including AWS Scripts, Docker, Fluentd, Hadoop, Lucene, MongoDB, and more.

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Simplify log analysis for your teams

Loggly is built for interactivity and simplicity to support collaboration between cross-functional teams. It automates several complex tasks; for example, it can automatically parse Apache, Nginx, JSON, and many other types of log data. This allows you to make your logs ready for advanced big data analysis tools. It also helps ensure you get near-instant results for your searches.

Furthermore, searching logs in Loggly doesn’t require you to have advanced knowledge of proprietary query languages. Loggly extracts useful information related to your logs and presents it in a structured manner over its Dynamic Field Viewer. This viewer can help you click and browse through logs without using any complex commands.

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Use advanced charts for analysis and reporting

It is possible to get real-time data visualization using a range of open-source tools. However, many of these big data techniques require complex configuration to work across a distributed stack, which can include dealing with a range of unsupported technologies.

Loggly simplifies these complexities as it supports a large number of log types and can provide real-time data visualization capabilities. You can use different types of charts to build business- or technology-specific dashboards for different teams. The dashboards can be downloaded in the form of a PNG image, which can be easily shared for reporting purposes. In addition to providing a bird’s-eye view of your infrastructure and applications, these charts are most helpful in finding hidden anomalies in the log data over a period of time.

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