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What makes IIS log management so challenging?

Logging in a distributed environment

In modern IT environments, teams gather and analyze logs from multiple systems. It is difficult to create a reliable setup that can handle spikes in log volumes automatically.

Rigorous search and analysis processes

Teams can struggle to search and extract information from IIS logs, as traditional tools tend to get slow when the log volume increases. This can reduce operational efficiency with a marked increase in MTTR.

Overheads in configuring multiple tools

To get a quick overview of the usage and performance related statistics of their IIS web servers, teams rely on open-source tools. These tools can pose configuration challenges and distract from real work.

Manage IIS log files with Loggly

SolarWinds® Loggly® offers a smart way to aggregate all your logs in one place for seamless monitoring and analysis. As a cloud-based service, Loggly requires minimal configuration and can help you get started typically within minutes. You don’t have to install any agents for log ingestion. To send your IIS logs to Loggly, you can use Nxlog. It converts your logs to JSON, enabling automated parsing and other advanced statistical analysis.

By analyzing IIS log files along with other application and infrastructure logs, you can get a better picture of your distributed environment. Loggly also archives your older logs for compliance automatically.

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Streamline log monitoring and analysis

In addition to IIS log management, Loggly offers several intuitive features for faster troubleshooting. It can help you search through a large volume of logs and provides quicker results for your search queries. It can also parse a wide range of logs automatically and allows you to define custom parsing rules. As the incoming logs are parsed, they can be viewed under various fields using the dynamic field explorer, which helps you get to the root cause of issues with minimal effort.

Loggly also allows you to inspect all events around a critical occurrence with one click using the surround search feature, while for real time monitoring, you can use live tail. With all these features, IT teams can monitor their logs and resolve issues easily.

Get integrated charts, dashboards, alerts and more

Loggly saves your time and effort in configuring and shuffling between multiple tools. You can visualize your search results using various types of charts and explore several pre-configured dashboards for monitoring your environment. As these dashboards are sharable, they can help you keep your team members on the same page.

You can also integrate Loggly with Slack, PagerDuty, and other webhook-compatible notifications services to receive alerts. Further, Loggly allows you to find the associated code linked to your logs in the SCM easily, as it integrates with GitHub. All these and many other integrations add significant agility to your operations

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