What makes log parsing, aggregation, and analysis so challenging?

Traditional log parsing tools aren’t built to scale

Most traditional tools require manual log file parsing, which fails to meet the demands of modern environments where logs are produced in abundance. These tools also offer limited support for different log types.

Lack of efficiency in log parsing impedes analysis

Different log file parsers have different efficiencies; teams using free open-source versions can struggle to get the most out of their logs, and often have to spend more time in log analysis and troubleshooting.

Log aggregation and management consumes several resources

While mounting hardware and storage requirements are a concern, most organizations fail to account for the hidden costs in managing and configuring their in-house log aggregation and management systems.

Perform automated log parsing from multiple log sources

SolarWinds® Loggly® is an easy-to-use, scalable log management solution that enables you to dig deeper into your logs and solve nagging application problems. It saves you precious hours in manually configuring the parsing rules for log data. It comes with built-in support for most common log types and automatically parses Apache, Nginx, JSON, and many other types of log data.

In case your log format is not among our automatically parsed formats, Loggly will still allow you to log and do full-text searches. However, to harness the full potential of Loggly, it is recommended that you convert your custom logs into JSON before sending them to Loggly; you can find more information about this in our documentation

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Ensure higher accuracy and efficiency in log analysis

In traditional log parsing tools, parsing is done manually and often at search time, which makes the whole process slower and prone to errors. Loggly automatically parses your logs as soon as it receives them, extracts useful information, and presents it in a structured manner in its Dynamic Field Viewer.

This viewer provides an intuitive approach to log analysis as you can browse through the information without typing a single command. You can click various fields and values to refine and filter out unnecessary bits. For instance, you can generate a summary of all the logs over a specific time or a particular set of hosts/users with a few clicks. This makes the whole process of log analysis highly efficient, compared to CLI searches, which require considerable expertise, time, and effort.

Reduce your log aggregation and management worries with Loggly

Loggly is a cloud-based log management solution that offers a better alternative to similar in-house setups by significantly reducing your time, costs, and efforts in the management of infrastructure. It is designed to handle unpredictable spikes in log volume, which ensures that none of your critical logs are lost.

Furthermore, it is easy to get started with Loggly, as it requires minimal configuration and doesn’t necessitate the installation of proprietary agents to collect logs from different sources. Logs can be sent directly to Loggly over syslog, HTTP/S, or any other log source (e.g., Docker, Fluentd, rsyslog). To archive logs past their retention period, Loggly can use AWS S3 buckets.

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