Loggly Blog: AWS

Better Monitoring Using AWS CloudTrail

If you’re running on AWS, you probably use AWS CloudTrail. AWS CloudTrail logs are important because they provide an audit trail of modifications to and interactions with your AWS-hosted deployments. They provide useful insights for both operational and security-related monitoring. Here’s how the Loggly Application Pack for AWS CloudTrail makes this monitoring easier and more […]

Quick and Easy Monitoring of Amazon ELB

Many high-volume applications and websites depend on Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to improve their scalability and fault tolerance. In addition to automatically routing traffic across instances and Availability Zones, Amazon ELB detects unhealthy instances and reroutes traffic to the healthy instances that remain. The Loggly application pack for Classic ELB makes it easier for […]

Sending Amazon CloudWatch Logs to Loggly with AWS Lambda

Amazon CloudWatch 101 Amazon CloudWatch from Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a web service for monitoring the performance of other AWS-hosted  resources. For each type of service, Amazon CloudWatch exposes a number of performance counters specific to that service. For example, some performance counters for Amazon EC2 instances include CPU usage, NetworkIn, NetworkOut, and Read […]

Three Key Use Cases for Analyzing AWS Config Data

If you are hosting your IT infrastructure in a cloud platform like AWS, you probably know how important it is to have a good log management solution in place. A cloud-based infrastructure is elastic in nature: Resources are created and destroyed on demand as needed. However, you also want to keep track of your assets. […]

Building a SaaS Service for an Unknown Scale: Part 2

In my last post, I made a case for how scalability and reliability have a new meaning in the SaaS world and shared two important building blocks for SaaS success: Creating an architecture that’s not only multitenant but also made up of stateless components that can scale easily, with data processing lanes and service governors […]

Building a SaaS Service for an Unknown Scale: Part 1

Last summer, I spoke at the Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers Meetup. It was a great opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have gained over the years of building SaaS products, and I was thrilled that the presentation was very well received. Looking back at the questions people asked and the feedback I […]