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Introducing: preconfigured dashboards

By Jake Dennison 07 Jun 2018

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Remember App Packs?

If you’ve been using Loggly for a while, this might ring a bell. App Packs were Loggly-created dashboards that aggregated the common metrics for six of our most popular technologies, and a fantastic way to get a head-start on monitoring.

They’ve been absent from Loggly since the launch of Loggly 3.0 late last year, but never forgotten. We’ve been working behind the scenes on getting them back in to the product and today we’re happy to announce that they’ve finally returned, bigger and better than ever!

What’s old is new again

The App Pack returns to Loggly in the form of our newest feature: preconfigured dashboards.

The concept remains the same: one-click installable dashboards that provide immediate, effective views of performance and usage of your various systems, all in the name of helping you reveal what matters most in your logs. This time around, though, they feature our beautiful new chart styles and integrate with our chart time-sync capability. (App Packs 2.0, anyone?)

These preconfigured dashboards are available for six NINE (9!) of our most popular log sources:

Preconfigured dashboards are available to customers of our Enterprise, Pro, and Standard tiers, as well as users in a trial of the product.

How to add your first preconfigured dashboard

Inside Loggly, select the “Dashboard” tab in the top nav, and you’ll see a new link in the top right of the Dashboard page, titled “Preconfigured Dashboards.”

Select your technology from the list of options. Click the “Add dashboard” button underneath the image, and watch your monitoring and log analysis get an instant jump-start.

Here’s an animation walking through the process in under 30 seconds:

Want dashboards for other sources?

On the preconfigured dashboards page, you’ll see a link in the top right to request a new dashboard. That’ll open a note directly to our product team. We’re eager to know what technologies and log sources you’d like to see next. Let us know!

Loggly + preconfigured dashboards = log analysis and log monitoring made easy

We think you’ll love the return of this old favorite, so log in to your account today and check it out.

Not a Loggly user yet? Take the 14-day free trial of our log management and log monitoring solution, no credit card required.

Thanks, and happy logging!

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Jake Dennison

Jake Dennison