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No Bug Left Behind: From Loggly to JIRA in No Time

Loggly now gives you the power to file tickets in Atlassian JIRA Software from within Loggly with a single click, automatically adding relevant information from your log data analysis and pre-populated fields. You no longer have to switch between tools and context and manually type or paste information: Stay focused, get the best out of […]

Infographic: IT Operations in a Serverless World

Is Your World Serverless? The commoditization of cloud technologies has triggered big shifts in the tech industry. Today anyone can take advantage of elastic virtual server farms. More businesses are taking the concepts of serverless, distributed, and modularized even further with technologies like AWS Lambda, Docker, etc. So How Is IT Operations Evolving? Some people […]

9 Tips on ElasticSearch Configuration for High Performance

The Loggly service utilizes ElasticSearch (ES) as the search engine underneath a lot of our core functionality. As Jon Gifford explained in his recent post on ElasticSearch vs Solr, log management imposes some tough requirements on search technology. To boil it down, it must be able to: Reliably perform near real-time indexing at huge scale – […]

Is Your Site Performance Eating Your Revenue?

Last week, shoppers at Amazon’s much-hyped sales event, Prime Day, were experiencing difficulty at the checkout. The issue appeared when shoppers attempted to add an item to their shopping cart, both on mobile and desktop versions. Reportedly, last year’s Prime Day was the second-largest sales day for Amazon in 2015, with total sales nearly 3.5-percent […]

Introducing the Field Guide for Docker Logging

Docker is undoubtedly one of the most significant technology trends in the software industry. Interest has grown throughout the first half of this year as developers have moved the needle from hype to reality. To date, two billion Docker images have been pulled from Docker Hub, Docker’s public repository of pre-built images. And according to […]

Which Components of Your System Should You Log?

The Logging Conundrum Two of the most common questions we get from our users is which components should they log and how should they prioritize the amount of log data to collect. If you’re like most software businesses, you’re probably running a complex system with many components and distributed services. For each component, you should […]

To ELK or Not to ELK? That Is the Question

Why Elastic Stack / ELK Is a Trending Topic in Log Management Since the time that Elastic launched the ELK stack in 2015 and renamed it Elastic Stack earlier this year, it has generated a fair amount of interest from developers and DevOps teams. Many Loggly customers have evaluated the Elastic Stack on the road […]

Smart Alerts for Anomaly Detection and Data Aggregations

When something is going wrong with your application, you’ll want to know about it as quickly as possible. That’s where alerting, a feature of Loggly Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans, comes into play. You can now receive alerts based on data aggregations and our anomaly detection algorithms. All of these alerts fire as soon as […]

tail -f Revolutions: Loggly Live Tail Enters Your Browser

Going to the Game Developers Conference next week? Stop by booth #2305 to see a demonstration.  Earlier this year, Loggly introduced Live Tail, a real-time command-line tool that consolidates all your logs into one stream, similar to the classic tail -f Unix command. In an era of distributed systems and elastic virtual servers, Live Tail […]