Loggly Blog: Use Cases

The Alchemy of Anomalies

“Learn to recognize omens, and follow them.” In Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, the boy remembers what the old king said—to recognize omens. What I find fascinating is that the same principle can be applied to your logs. In the world of logs, however, you need to look for anomalies. In general, an anomaly is something […]

No Bug Left Behind: From Loggly to JIRA in No Time

Loggly now gives you the power to file tickets in Atlassian JIRA Software from within Loggly with a single click, automatically adding relevant information from your log data analysis and pre-populated fields. You no longer have to switch between tools and context and manually type or paste information: Stay focused, get the best out of […]

Using Loggly For Troubleshooting Bugs In Your Code

Troubleshooting errors or exceptions in code is one of our customers’ top use cases. In this video, I go through a troubleshooting process with a hypothetical e-commerce site, where a bug could be costing the company thousands of dollars. We need to fix it fast! Why Use Loggly for Troubleshooting? Troubleshooting with Loggly: Accelerates time […]

Logging Facts Every DevOps Professional Should Know

Do You Have the Right Log Strategy? At Loggly, we’ve gained a good bit of knowledge about log management and log analysis from working with thousands of great customers for more than five years. We wanted to make this knowledge available to others, so we wrote a new eBook, The Field Guide to Log Management. […]

Confessions of a Logging Fanboy

I love podcasts. Really, I love them. I love to learn from some of the best mentors and life hackers from pretty much all over the world. The only problem with me and podcasts is that they get me behind work-wise since I always have plenty to do and there’s so much excellent content out […]

Learn How to Do No B*LLSH*T Benchmarking

Every development team should benchmark its software to understand how it performs and what its performance envelope looks like — that is, where things start to break down. If you’re running a growing business in the cloud, you just can’t deliver good scalability, reliability, and performance without this insight. Our new white paper illustrates many […]

Three Key Use Cases for Analyzing AWS Config Data

If you are hosting your IT infrastructure in a cloud platform like AWS, you probably know how important it is to have a good log management solution in place. A cloud-based infrastructure is elastic in nature: Resources are created and destroyed on demand as needed. However, you also want to keep track of your assets. […]

Logging for Cloud-Native Apps

When it comes to building and running applications that are native to the cloud, a number of old habits must die and make way for modern alternatives. One of these is traditional file-based logging. The days of using tail -f to watch logs scroll by in five different terminals are over. This becomes even clearer as you […]