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Loggly Is a Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP)!

Microservices Have Grown Up Fast Microservices architectures, and Docker in particular, has been one of the hottest technology topics in 2015. Developers have been quick to recognize the benefits of containerization and are deploying a lot of new applications on Docker. As these applications serve more mission-critical needs, the organizations deploying them need better visibility […]

Remove Dashboard Blind Spots with Dynamic Field Explorer

Operating a Complex Web Application Requires a Bird’s-Eye View of Logs When you’re running a cloud-based service in production, there’s a lot that can go wrong – and likewise, a lot to keep your eyes on. Most developers and operations professionals understand that summaries of “what’s going on” are more valuable than trying to make […]

Introducing Loggly Derived Fields

Unstructured Log Data Usually Leads to Constrained Log Analysis It’s no secret that the more structured and detailed your log data is, the less stressful your troubleshooting will be during times of need. However, a significant amount of your log data is likely not organized into separate data elements and, even worse, was likely created […]

Pyladies at Loggly: Why Java Engineers Also Love Python

Last week, Loggly hosted a PyLadies meetup where I, Liz Bennett the Java engineer, gave a talk to a room full of Python enthusiasts. For those who don’t know, PyLadies is an international organization focused on increasing women’s participation in the Python community through mentorship, outreach, education, conferences, and social gatherings. When I was approached with […]

Introducing Numerics Support in Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer

More than four months after the launch of Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™, I continue to get amazing feedback from Loggly customers about how this feature is supercharging the insight they receive even from simple searches and truly changing the way they think about and consume their logs. Many describe the big “aha” moment that came […]

The Best DevOps Events and Tech Conferences of 2015

We love tech events. They are exciting, educational, and a great place to network to see how much farther we can get by working together.  Just look at how well received AWS re:Invent was last month for attendees and vendors! We’ve been hard at work planning which conferences and events Loggly will attend in 2015 […]