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How to Achieve Visibility, Lower Costs, and Ease Troubleshooting Through Web APM Monitoring

By Loggly Team 27 May 2019

When your customers depend on your data 24/7, you must know what your applications are doing at any given time and be able to troubleshoot quickly. That’s why Traxo implemented the SolarWinds® web application performance monitoring (APM) portfolio.

Traxo provides itinerary intelligence and travel data aggregation technology solutions to companies across the travel ecosystem. Corporate travel and procurement organizations, travel management companies (TMCs), expense management applications, and risk management services use Traxo’s API-based services, private-label email parsing, and data normalization solutions to comprehensively track and manage total corporate travel spend activity from end-to-end, regardless of booking channel.

Managing the IT Environment

Features of Traxo’s IT environment include:

  • Multi-region, multi-zone AWS
  • Additional hosts managed by HashiCorp’s Nomad cluster and application scheduler
  • Console for service delivery and configuration
  • Containerized workloads on Docker with microservices

A homegrown tool for visibility became increasingly difficult to manage and troubleshooting was extremely manual. Chris Stevens, chief technology officer, Traxo, says that SolarWinds’ Librato, now upleveled to AppOptics, Loggly®, and Pingdom® web APM portfolio, enables them to overcome these challenges. The tools also provide full-stack visibility.

“We came to the SolarWinds products organically,” says Stevens. “We started with a need for metrics and evolved from Librato to AppOptics. We then realized the need for log management after that and picked Loggly. We needed outside verification and availability, so we found Pingdom and rounded out our implementation of the full SolarWinds web APM portfolio.”

Read the full case study—Making the 24/7 Customer Experience Possible Through Monitoring—or watch the video here to find out more about how Traxo is using each product to exceed objectives and lower operations cost for support, and why Stevens touts the value of a multi-prong, multi-service engagement through a single vendor.

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Loggly Team

Loggly Team