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Announcing WP Activity Log Integration

By Loggly Team 02 Dec 2023

Websites are no longer a collection of static HTML files. They’ve evolved into highly dynamic multiuser systems, especially those built with WordPress. Like it is for any other multiuser system on your network, generating, collecting, and centralizing WordPress logs is essential. Today, we’re happy to announce an integration with WP Activity Log—a comprehensive WordPress activity log plug-in—and SolarWinds® Loggly®.

“WordPress is no longer just used for hobby blogs. Businesses and enterprises alike use WordPress to power their websites, ERP systems, customer portals, intranets, and other custom web-based applications. Nowadays, WordPress can be found on many networks, and each installation needs to be monitored. So an integration with Loggly was a natural next step. Businesses who have several WordPress installations needed a viable solution that would allow them to keep an eye on what is happening on all their WordPress-powered web applications without having to check the logs on each individual site. Loggly allows them to do just that!” (Robert Abela, CEO and founder of Melapress)

WP Activity Log

A WordPress plug-in developed by Melapress, WP Activity Log creates a log of user and site changes on WordPress websites and multisite networks. It captures what changed and the details of the change, including day, time, user, role, and IP address. The logs provided by WP Activity log can be used to troubleshoot WordPress issues, track user actions, identify unusual behavior, and create the documentation needed to meet security and compliance requirements.

WP Activity Log creates a record of the following:

  • Login actions, including both successful and failed login attempts
  • Content changes, such as when users create, publish, update, or delete content
  • Changes to system settings, including both WordPress settings and core updates
  • Changes to third-party plug-ins and their data
  • Multisite network, system, and user changes
  • Changes to Yoast SEO plug-in settings and site SEO changes, WooCommerce store and product changes, and changes in many other popular WordPress plug-ins

Integration With Loggly

To set up the WP Activity Log plug-in to mirror the WordPress activity logs to Loggly, go to the plug-in, select Create a Connection, select Loggly, and enter in your customer token.

Setting up the connection between WP Activity Log plug-in and Loggly

Once the connection is set up, select the Mirroring tab and select the Set Up an Activity Log Mirror to launch the Mirroring Wizard.

Configuring mirroring in the WP Activity Log plug-in

In the Mirroring Wizard, specify the friendly name for the mirror connection, enter the mirror log identifier (which will show up as the channel name in the Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer), and select the Loggly connection from the drop-down menu. On the next screen, select whether you want to start mirroring logs immediately.

In the last step of the wizard, you can set up filtering rules to trim the types of events sent to Loggly. For more complete instruction, refer to the WP Activity Log knowledge base.

Once set up, the WordPress activity log events will appear in the Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer, and you’ll be able to search and analyze WordPress events along with events from other systems. The WordPress activity log events appear in a JSON format.

WordPress Activity Logs in Loggly

For More Information

The WP Activity Log plug-in site provides more information on the plug-in’s functionality. You can also download a 14-day free trial to test-drive it and see everything it can do.

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Loggly Team

Loggly Team