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Announcing Local Timezone Support

By Jason Skowronski 06 Aug 2015

We’re excited to announce a few changes happening to Loggly midday today that will help simplify the logging process.

The first is that we’ve added local timezone support. Say goodbye to converting timezones in your head! Log events will now display in your local timezone, making it easier to read events, trends, and dashboards.

event view timezone

Even if you have servers spread across multiple timezones, all of your events will still display in local time. Users on your account – regardless of where they’re located – will also see the local time according to each user’s browser.

And don’t worry — if you prefer working in UTC time, we’ve made that easy, too. You can always change back to UTC time by selecting “Use UTC Time” in your account settings.

change to UTC Loggly

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Check back soon to find out what else is new at Loggly.

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Jason Skowronski

Jason Skowronski