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GDC 2015 in Review and New Definitive Guide for Game Developers

By Karen Sowa 10 Mar 2015

The 2015 Game Developer Conference ended four days ago, but I’m still recovering from some long days of learning, talking to fantastic Loggly customers and prospects, and having a lot of fun!

I love attending events because I get to talk to people face-to-face, which helps me understand the problems they are trying to solve at work on the daily. At GDC, I found out a lot of people are overwhelmed or not utilizing the valuable information that is contained in their logs because they are still trying to manage and troubleshoot their logs in-house.

I like to explain Loggly as a “timesaving, troubleshooting tool” because you want to apply the awesome skills of your developers and sysadmins to fixing problems and building new features, not wasting time grepping through seemingly endless text files to find a needle in the haystack. At Loggly, we offer a feature set that not only helps your team find these problems faster, it also helps get them in front of problems before they scale by alerting you to things that may not even be on your radar yet.

Unity had an amazing booth (I watched them build it earlier in the week… no small feat!), and we had a ton of customers ask if we integrated. The answer is yes! Mike Turner just wrote an article for us about logging in Unity 3DRead it here.

We also work well with Corona SDK. GDC started out with an interesting announcement, that Corona SDK, a leading mobile development platform, was implementing a freemium pricing model. It was great timing because Loggly had just published a blog post on how to send Corona logs to Loggly!

Check Out Our New eBook

DevOps is critically important for game developers, but there haven’t been a lot of best practices out there on how to systematically solve and prevent the technical issues that games experience, including bugs, crashes, and server connection problems. That’s why we created our newest eBook,The Definitive Guide to Maintaining a Top-Grossing Game and why the book was so well-received by the game devs who stopped by our booth at GDC.   The Definitive Guide to Maintaining a Top-Grossing Game  covers:

  • The impact of technical issues on engagement, retention, and monetization, with a tutorial on how to estimate the costs to your game
  • A categorization of technical issues and discussions of how they affect key player segments
  • Guidelines for what to log in an online game
  • Best practices for gaining insights from log data

It Doesn’t Take Much to Put These Best Practices in Place

There’s a reason why Backflip, Electronic Arts, Kabam, Rumble Entertainment, and hundreds of other game developers use Loggly. Sign up for a free trial of Loggly and get started today!

See What Game Developers Had to Say About Loggly

I talked to a ton of people who came through our booth. Check out what they had to say below!


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Karen Sowa

Karen Sowa