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#LogglyGivesaDam! Do you?

By Hoover J. Beaver 07 Apr 2016

Today is a glorious day! It’s International Beaver Day, friends. To celebrate the amazingness of our fellow brethren, we’re commemorating the day with a call to action — #LogglyGivesaDam.

What we’re asking you, our dear Loggly friends, is to join us in a social fundraiser to benefit Loggly’s local beaver nonprofit, Worth A Dam. With your help, we’ll be able to help fund beaver management (kinda like log management maybe?), tree replacement and education efforts here in the Bay Area!

In addition to a company donation, Loggly will be adding an additional $1* to its total contribution for each Retweet received on this blog post tweet posted on Loggly’s Twitter page.

worthadam-shirtsBut, wait, there’s more! Loggly has also designed a shirt for the occasion (swag is everything to us). Don’t miss out on the chance to look cool and give back — 100% of  the profits of each purchase will go directly to Worth A Dam!

Thanks, Friends! Happy logging!


*Up to $300.


Hoover J. Beaver

Hoover J. Beaver

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