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2nd Annual List of the Best DevOps Events and Tech Conferences of 2016

By Karen Sowa 04 Jan 2016

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We published our first list of DevOps events and tech conferences last year. It received so much love year-round that we had share our 2016 list too.

My favorite thing about tech events (and I’ve been to a lot!) is they often feel like magic. As an attendee, you get to see the premiere of innovations and learnings into which people have been pouring their thoughts and hard work all year. And you might even come across a 100% authentic log cabin!

Don’t Miss Out on the Best of 2016

Whether you are a DevOps, Ops, Engineering, Development, IT, or SysAdmin professional (or like many of us, a blend of a few), you should make plans to attend some of these DevOps events and tech conferences in 2016. Many offer live streaming or good deals if you register in advance.

If you get lucky, you may even see Hoover Beaver working an exhibit hall or taking in a session. 

See you at the next show!

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Do you have an event you’d like to add to this 2016 list of DevOps events and tech conferences? Drop us a note on Twitter: @Loggly.


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Karen Sowa

Karen Sowa

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  • Jaime Legagneur

    4 years ago

    Hi there, Karen! I’m not sure if you received my email from Jan 25th, but I would love to send you information on’s CD Summit & Jenkins Days conferences to include in your blog post. Can you please reach out to me at

    Thank you!!

    Dallas, TX – April 6th
    Stockholm – April 19th
    London – April 21st
    Chicago, IL – April 28th
    Boston, MA – May 6th
    Bangalore – Fall (TBD)
    New York, NY – Fall (TBD)
    Berlin – September (TBD)
    Paris – September (TBD)
    Atlanta, GA – October 6th
    Denver, CO – October 13thAustin, TX – November 17th
    Los Angeles – Early
    December (TBD)

  • M Hill

    4 years ago

    Great list – Also be sure to check out IP EXPO Europe (in London) and IP EXPO Nordic (in Stockholm) for two FREE TO ATTEND European-based DevOps exhibitions: