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Hoover’s Log Cabin at AWS re:Invent 2015

By Sven Dummer 29 Sep 2015

That’s right, Loggers: we’ve transported Hoover’s home to the desert! Vegas is sweltering, but Loggly’s booth 929 will feature a full log cabin, ensuring that Hoover stays cool and comfortable while we’re in town 🙂

Come visit Hoover and the rest of the team at booth 929, where we’ll be demoing some seriously cool new Loggly features:

Loggly Live Tail

Loggly Live Tail is the classic “tail” command on steroids. Think real-time “tail -f” across all your log files from all your distributed systems, with the capacity to filter, search, pattern-match and highlight. And all without the need to have root access or to even log into the remote systems. Oh, and did I mention it also comes as a command line (CLI) version that allows you to pipe the output into your favorite commands like grep, awk, sed, etc.?

Loggly Anomaly Detection

What if something unknown and unexpected shows up in your log data – something you would never search for, and which triggers no alert? This is where Loggly Anomaly Detection comes in. It uses statistical analysis to understand the normal patterns in your log data, and shows you deviations so that you can discover unanticipated events before they turn into problems. As with all of Loggly’s analysis, this detection happens in real-time, during data ingestion.

Easy Custom Parsing

Not all your log data might be structured in JSON or other common formats. Loggly now offers an easy interface to define custom rules that parse key-value pairs from your logs and store them as derived fields. They can then  be cataloged and navigated using Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM, providing one-click analysis.

We’re seriously excited about these new features. Come say hi and get some Loggly love at the log cabin in booth 929, and we’ll tell you more.

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Sven Dummer

Sven Dummer