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Listening to Users: Improving and Simplifying Log Management Setup

By Jason Skowronski 28 Feb 2014

Everyone who signs up for a Loggly trial is invited to fill out our product survey, and with thousands of active trials we’ve received hundreds of submissions. Yes, we actually read every response we get. Often your comments inspire future product releases, and sometimes we have a solution right away.

One of the questions in our survey was, “How did you find the Loggly setup process?” We have found that the majority of users have a pretty easy time signing up for Loggly and setting it up. In fact, of the hundreds of active users on Loggly every week, over 80% send us data on the first day.  However, we are always working to make it even easier for people to complete the setup process and verify their data made it successfully. We won’t be satisfied until it’s easy for everyone, and our goal is for 100% of customers to be self-sufficient from the start.

Survey Result Chart - Ease

On that note, I’m happy to announce that we’ve launched big improvements to our Source Setup page and documentation to simplify log management setup even further.  You can now:

  • Verify you successfully sent data right on the setup page
  • Review a dozen new articles on how to setup Log4j, Tomcat, Windows, Puppet, and more
  • Quickly test Loggly using our tutorial with sample data
  • Upload a file easily without configuring syslog
  • Watch videos that guide you through the process, step-by-step
  • Automatically parse Java and IIS logs, with more coming

We’re already seeing positive results. We’ve gotten thousands of page views on our new documentation articles and videos, and 46% more people are using our configuration script, which makes setup easier. We are seeing a notable decrease in the number of support tickets filed. We expect to see the percentage of trial users who successfully send data go even higher as we add guides for more systems and languages.

I’m most proud to see compliments like this one:

I can assure you the documentation and tutorials you guys have are absolutely brilliant. Great work! I managed to get the hang of Loggly in no time.

We say “thank-you” our future customers by continually improving our log management service and we say “thanks” to select participants who contribute the feedback that keeps us aligned to the needs of the market by sending out  $50 gift cards.

Sign up for Loggly today, we’d love to take the chore of log management off your hands and of course… get your feedback at the same time.

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Jason Skowronski

Jason Skowronski