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Lessons on efficient log analysis from Monex Insight

By Hoover J. Beaver 05 Feb 2015

Yesterday’s webinar with Jonathan Keith of Monex provided me with a useful perspective about the role that log analysis plays in running a production application and about the value of Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™ in removing grunt work and saving time. Jonathan’s application, Monex Insight, serves about 1.5 million consumer investors in Japan. It’s a .NET application that runs on AWS infrastructure, giving it the scalability and reliability needed to serve such a large user population. And Jonathan’s team depends on its application log data to provide answers when things are not running as expected.

The Monex team switched from an in-house log management solution to Loggly about a year ago. At that time, search was one of the key main advantages that Loggly had over alternative log management solutions. Since then, Monex has come to appreciate the power of the automated parsing and analysis provided by Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM to make log exploration a viable alternative to search for ad hoc log analysis, root cause identification, and sanity checks.

We just released a case study on how the Monex Insight team uses Loggly.

Download the Case Study

Here are some highlights:

  • Anyone on the team has access to logs, not just log management experts. Almost 50 different people, including engineering, operations, QA, product owners, and technically inclined business analysts, use Loggly today.
  • Field Explorer has improved the productivity of team members as they troubleshoot issues and debug new code.
  • The real-time event counts generated by Field Explorer give an immediate read on the magnitude of a problem, for example indicating if it’s limited to one server or fleet-wide.
  • Log insights are one of the ways that Jonathan’s development team works to create a consistently great user experience.
  • Replacing the in-house log management solution with Loggly has freed up a minimum of four to five person-hours per week.

Be sure to check out the case study. You can also hear from Jonathan himself by watching a replay of yesterday’s webinar.

And if you want to try out his tips for yourself, a Loggly free trial is incredibly easy to set up!

Download the Case Study


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Hoover J. Beaver

Hoover J. Beaver