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National Beaver Day: We celebrated. We gave. We slept.

By Hoover J. Beaver 08 Apr 2016

Hi fellow beavers! Yesterday was great – exhausting for sure, but great. We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about my species throughout the day and were able to join us in our efforts to support Worth A Dam! We’ve still got some rad shirts if you’re interested, too!

We also had fun hanging with our friends and wanted to highlight our Loggly Beavers – these are the real MVPs:


Hoover Sven

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Sven Dummer

Hoover Charles

Account Executive, Charles Pridgen

Hoover Dutt

Senior Software Engineer, Dutt Bobba, and his son.

Special shout out to one of our Director of Key Accounts, Stephanie Skuratowicz, for her extra help with the photo booth!

TeamPage_Sowa-1Specifically, we’d like to give a special shout out to our marketing specialist, Karen Sowa. She was nominated as our resident Helpful Beaver today! Karen wears many hats and keeps the Loggly love strong – here’s what her colleagues had to say about her:

• “She works super hard for marketing and truly is the unsung hero of everything we do. She’s a champion in my book and deserves major props.”

• “Because Karen has been wearing 25 hats (still wears about 21) and still always manages to make things happen. There simply would not be Loggly marketing without her.”

Thanks again for showing #LogglyGivesaDam!



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Hoover J. Beaver

Hoover J. Beaver