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Racing Down the E-Commerce Track with Responsive Log Management: A Loggly Success Story from Speedway Motors

By Hoover J. Beaver 09 Dec 2014

How can smart people and technology add gas to America’s Oldest Speed Shop®?

When I first saw the Speedway Motors site, I was really impressed. It’s certainly not your father’s e-commerce Oldsmobile…. The site is packed with valuable information for for auto racing and performance enthusiasts and also sells tens of thousands of products to give racers an edge. But how can the operations team keep up?

It’s no simple matter to keep a site with that many moving parts running in top shape. Luckily, the team I met from Speedway Motors—Aaron Remaklus, Chris Stevenson, and Matt Stubblefield—is more than up for the task.

Our latest case study tells a story about using logs for proactive log monitoring, but it really surfaces how Speedway Motors runs out front of their competition by focusing on improving the customer experience.

While many sites simply use their logs in the rear-view mirror—looking backward to resolve fires—Speedway Motors uses alerts and dashboards to detect problems as they are first happening, keeping focused on the the road ahead of them.

The efforts of Remaklus and his team have given them a lot more peace of mind and have earned them plenty of trust from their management team. The Speedway Motors case study goes into:

  • The types of log events that Speedway sends to Loggly in JSON
  • Which types of log events trigger alerts
  • How dashboards fit into Speedway’s monitoring processes

With a new e-commerce platform set to launch, Speedway partnered with Loggly ahead of the new site release to ensure operational success was built in and accounted for. According to Remaklus,

“Our new website was the most significant project our team has done. We simply would not have been able to go live without having a log management solution in place.”

If you’re running an e-commerce businesses without adequate visibility into your log data, you’re seriously exposed.

We love when smart customers leverage Loggly proactively, and our agent-free deployment ensures you can get up and running quickly.  While you can create your account in under 30 seconds, the real horsepower comes in during our our simple setup, evidenced by over 80% of our active customers up and running on the FIRST day!

I was impressed that a team of full-stack DevOps engineers put the pedal down on insights into how to get more from your logs, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy hearing about their ride too. 

Download the Loggly Speedway Motors Log Management Case Study
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Hoover J. Beaver

Hoover J. Beaver