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Second Generation Loggly Brings Logs to Life

By Jason Skowronski 18 Sep 2013

I’m really excited to be here for the launch of Second Generation Loggly! I got a special preview before I joined the company a couple of months ago, and I knew that Loggly would be making a big leap forward. What’s even better is hearing the same thing from our customers! Even before general availability, customers were clamoring to get the new version.  When we said they were on our VIP list, they responded, “No I want it before your VIP list!”  It’s great to see that kind of excitement. Cloud-based log management has tipped and #DevOps deserved a service (and a much better interface) that allows them to do their work faster, better and easier.

When I look at Loggly, what I find most impressive is how it brings logs to life. Logs used to look like paragraphs of barely intelligible text scrolling by, an output that only someone like Neo in The Matrix could make sense of.  With Loggly, it’s amazing how easy it is to extract the meaningful information and visually present the insights. Text just melts into the background; charts and graphs spring to life to tell the stories about how your system is working. The previous version, while powerful didn’t give you the full story of your data.

With all-new Second Generation Loggly you can:

  • See operational status in a single glance, on 10 servers or 10,000

  • Discover root cause in a few clicks

  • Set alerts in seconds to proactively address issues

  • Gain insights about how customers use your system … all without reading a single line of text.

It’s a new generation not only for Loggly, but also for millions of logs and billions of events we are tracking.  For those in love with deep text search, of course we still have it, and made it even more powerful, but we want to expose the insights of the data even quicker, visually.

Every week we’ll post a new blog post showing how Loggly helps our customers and employees solve operational problems faster and be proactive in driving their business forward.  With over 3,500 active users we have a ton of stories to share.  Of course, you can find out for yourself by signing up for a free trial today!

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Jason Skowronski

Jason Skowronski