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Loggly Gen2 Feature Updates: What’s New with the Most Popular Cloud-based Log Management Service

By Hoover J. Beaver 29 Oct 2013

Now that Loggly Gen2 is up and running, we’re not just going to sit on our hands. Here are some features we’ve released in the past few weeks:

Surrounding Log View

As you’re searching through your logs, you’ll want to have a few different threads going. Surrounding search will help you branch out on different searches. Find an event that you want to see in a different context and click on the little binoculars icon. This will start a new search in a new Work Area with a time period +/- 5minutes.

Parser Updates

We’ve added a few exciting enhancements to our parsing functionality. First, we now have the ability to parse and apply timestamps from your JSON. There are a few guidelines to make sure that your timestamp is used, so check them out.

We’ve included out-of-the-box support for a couple of new log types. PHP & Java Garbage Collection log data will be automatically parsed. We’ve got a lot more coming in the event parsing department, so stay tuned.

Here’s a look at parsing Java logs:

Export Events

You may have noticed that there’s a new option under the options cog:

Export your result set so that you can save it for posterity (or overload your manager with information!)

API Additions

The new Gen2 API is much more application-friendly. We’ve added in a couple of new additions to the API, including multiple output formats and faceting functionality. You’re now able to request the format type: JSON, raw, CSV. The JSON and CSV output formats allow you to retrieve your log events with the parsing that we’ve done for you at index-time. Raw logs are output as we’ve received them.

The faceting functionality will give you the count of each unique value for a given field. The API details are in our documentation.

Multi-line Event Support

Stack traces and other multi-line events will be treated as one big event. Other systems may drop subsequent lines or break them up into multiple events, which isn’t helpful when you want to see your log events in the correct order. Loggly will preserve the line breaks and display your events as they were meant to be viewed.

Grid View Updates

If you’ve ever wanted the ability to view your data in a more spreadsheet-like manner, this view is for you. Choose the columns you want to see, reorder them, resize them, sort them. (Yes, you’re sorting through the entire result set, not just what’s on your screen.) We’ve recently made some usability improvements and added a few new features, so give it a try.

UTC Clock

UTC is the “Universal” time, which is why we use it as your log view. Many systems log by default as UTC, it’s also easier for companies to refer to UTC time when teams work across many time zones. Most people need a bit of help to know what time it is in UTC, so we’ve added a cheat sheet. Turn it on or off as you’d like:

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Hoover J. Beaver

Hoover J. Beaver