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Infographic: IT Operations in a Serverless World

By Sven Dummer 07 Sep 2016

Is Your World Serverless?

The commoditization of cloud technologies has triggered big shifts in the tech industry. Today anyone can take advantage of elastic virtual server farms. More businesses are taking the concepts of serverless, distributed, and modularized even further with technologies like AWS Lambda, Docker, etc.

So How Is IT Operations Evolving?

Some people may argue that these new technologies will make the traditional SysAdmin/IT Operations role obsolete. However, I think they’ll create a new breed of IT Operations essential to success. (Witness the lack of current buzz around #NoOps and the emergence of Site Reliability Engineering.) Here’s a quick look at this new generation of IT Operations.

IT Operations in Serverless World Infographic

Download the infographic here.

So what does all of this have to do with log management? I couldn’t say it better than one of our customers did:

“Cloud-based businesses are evolving from managing hardware to thinking about architecture at the cloud level. They will need visibility to maximize their value in code execution, measuring latency, and optimizing all of their functions. They may even start optimizing their services across cloud providers. In this environment, logging and log management are must-haves.”

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Sven Dummer

Sven Dummer