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Logs. This Time it’s Personal

By Hoover J. Beaver 02 May 2013

Here at Loggly, we know logs are special. Why are they special? Because we know the specifics of the data that makes them special to you. Logs are different. Logs are personal. Almost all monitoring tools and platforms reach into your systems and pull out impersonal data. Data such as CPU load, free disk space, and transaction times, are often critical but is not yours. But logs allow your system to reach out in a way only your system can.

I know, as a developer, the first time I saw the code I wrote, and the systems I built, send its logs to Loggly, it was like that system had extended its reach and was now a little bit resident on the Loggly platform too.

Many developers, when they first see their logs messages up in Loggly, feel a sense of excitement and pride. After all, they wrote each one of those messages. It’s like watching the initial pulse of the system, as it comes to life.

So sign up with Loggly and send your logs to us. Then enjoy seeing your system reach out all the while letting us do all the hard work.

At Loggly we bring life to your system… by bringing your system to life.

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Hoover J. Beaver

Hoover J. Beaver