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Node.js SSL Server Example

By Hoover J. Beaver 25 Sep 2010

A buddy of mine pinged me today because he saw my name on Silas Sewell’s howto post on doing HTTP/SSLwith Node.js. I emailed Silas a few days ago to have him update his cert handling to include toString() on the end of each filesystem read, and he was kind enough to give a shout out to me.

The nut of the problem was that Node.js puts a carriage return or some such cruft on the end when it reads from the filesystem. It was causing me fits with cert validation and I only found the answer by digging through the Node.js IRC channel logs. Logs, heh.

I had already expounded a bit on Silas’s solution because our signing agent uses a key chain. My buddy was also asking me for an example of how to do SSL and listen on multiple ports, so I pastebin’d him up a solution. Figure it was worth posting here too!

I should note that your keys and certs need to be readable by the Node.js server’s user. Obviously.

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